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Take a Lookie??

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1Take a Lookie?? Empty Take a Lookie?? on Wed Jul 20, 2011 5:55 am


You've been at this Camp for as long as you can remember. Its home, or so you think. Or maybe thats what they made you believe. You never knew, but now that you're older, everything is making more sense.

This place isn't a Camp, like your parents and "Camp Directors" Told you. It's actually a Government Facility that is trying to make you use your Powers and Gifts for their own selfish needs. Its sick. For years they have taught you to use them destructivly and to hurt anyone or anything that is in your path. But you don't want that, so your only option is to run away.

Every Creature and Gifted Human at the Facility runs away, and the Government tries their hardest to locate you. Everyone is in a pack, which is best. You run and run for months until you stumble upon a School you have never heard of. You don't second guess it, so you just Enroll here, in hopes that the Government doesn't find you.

This is now your home. Everyone is Enlisted in the school and you are now living out your life here until the Government forgets about you. But what if they never do? What if they are still tracking you? You might not know, but you aren't focused on that anymore. You learned that this school is special. It doesn't appear on GPS and the only ones that can see it are Gifted and are a Creature. No mere Human can see it.

You reside here for now, but after you get out, you're on your own. So do enjoy your time here, but be warned: Once you leave this school, you may not be able to run away anymore. Just keep that in mind.

What do you think? Its my newest guilds Plot....

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