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name;; Anabelle
nicknames;; Ana
age;; 17
gender;; female
species;; gifted --- illusionist
personality;; Anabelle today doesn't show or even feel any emotions other than anger, though even that never shows itself on her face. She's not that person that has good days and bad days. For her, everyday is the same. She just doesn't have to ability to feel or show any emotions. Ever since her family died, she hasn't frowned or smiled, laughed or cried. She just... is.

As stated before, the only emotion she can really feel is anger. But it's never a lot or it, just a small flavor so to speak. She's cold when she talks, and her actions speak louder than words. Never does she care about anyone's feelings, even if she were to see her brother again.

Though she's not insane, she puts on an act just to freak out the others around her. Randomly she'll do random things and blame it on the voices she hears in her head, though the only voice she hears is her own. It's the closest thing to amusement she can get to see the others reactions to her act. Another part of her act is clairvoyance, claiming she sees things around that she really doesn't. When telling people things, she's very blatant, only to freak them out more.

Anabelle is a dark person. With everything she does and says fits whatever 'dark' is perfectly. Her interests contain ghosts, blood, etc. Anything horror related or things even adults would scream in fright at. Whenever something like that occurs in her mind, this glint of excitement seems to pass through her eyes, though he face is still blank.

Anabelle is rather mysterious. You never know what's going on through her head. She just stares blankly at things, and you'll never know what she's thinking unless she creates an illusion. If someone were to ask, she'd use her voices as an excuse like always.

appearance;; Although her eyes are a milky brown, they appear to be just a hollow black hole that makes her pupils disappear. If one were to look into them, they seem to throw daggers at the person looking at them, despite how empty they are. They used to be filled with warmth and laughter, though the only thing that remains is emptiness.

Her hair is overgrown, hanging down to her waist. The color matches her eyes, a soft, milky brown. Despite her personality, it's still soft and silky. There are never any snarls in it, and it's always pin straight. She has bangs that fall into her eyes slightly though she makes no effort to move them away. You're rather lucky if she decides to keep them in her eyes.

Anabelle stands at five feet and eight inches; a good height for her age. She's badly underweight though, only weighing one hundred and eleven pounds. She'll only eat if she's forced to, though won't make any effort to finish it. When you look at her, she looks frail and week, like she might break if you squeeze her too tightly. Despite the way she looks, she's somewhat strong, her muscles being bigger than what you'd expect on a girl that looks the way she does. Because of her lack of health, her skin is a sickly pail color that seems to be almost transparent.

history;; Living out in the country was never a bad thing for Anabelle. A large lake that her and her older brother would go out rowing on. Surrounding it was tall, overgrown grass that tickled the sides of your legs when you walked through it. Just beyond the lake was a thick forest, but every morning she could still see the sun rise even at its lowest point. Before the lake was a large field with grass as green as ever, nice and mowed, nothing like the grass surrounding the lake. Right beside their large, red, farm house there was a campfire that she her whole family – her dad, mom, older brother, and grandpa – would sit around, telling stories and toasting marshmallows. All throughout the day, Anabelle would create illusions, either ones to make the lake look like something out of a fairytale or just silly illusions to make people laugh.

Then one dry, August day, dinner was in the oven while the whole family was in the living room, huddled around the small TV to watch the big football game. No one had remembered to get the food from the oven, so the food had caught fire. No one had smelt it or felt the warmth of it, being to absorbed in the game to notice, until it had completely engulfed the kitchen in it's lethal flames. Anabelle's brother rushed her outside, both of them escaping outside while he had called 911.

It wasn't until after the fire did the siblings realize their parents and grandpa didn't make it out in time. They had stopped to help grandpa get out but they weren't fast enough. The flames had caught them and ended their lives.

Anabelle's brother was nineteen; old enough to watch after Anabelle. They had planned to move in together. But then The Gatherers found them, taking Anabelle with them. Her brother wasn't a supernatural, so he was left behind to live alone, all of his family gone.

Anabelle was never the same since her family died. Even when her and her brother had been together for some time. She had turned hollow, feeling no emotions at all. When The Gatherers came, she didn't put up a fight, but simply let them taker, not finding the willpower to try and defy them.

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