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Lunar Writer's Characters

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Lunar Writer's Characters Jack12

Description: Jack is a half-demon from hell who recalls nothing of his former life as a demon after he somehow received his humanity. He soon met and saved a human named Mark who was nearly beaten to death after getting mugged. The two of them quickly became friends despite their extremely different personalities. To thank Jack for saving his life, Mark allows Jack to live in the attic of his house since Jack had nowhere to stay. Jack strives to recall the memories from his life as a demon but the closer he becomes to finding the truth the more he begins to revert back into an evil demon. This manifests itself as an alternate personality named "Carter". For a while Jack was in love with Mark's sister named Lucy, but after countless times of the demons going after her to get to Jack, she left the city and her brother telling Jack to leave her alone and to never come after her. What she did not tell him was that it was Carter who convinced her to do this since he wanted her gone so that Jack would become stronger and wouldn't hold back. Jack continues to search for more answers to his past with the help of his 3 close friends: Mark, Theo, and Devan while he is often pursued and attacked by another half-demon named "Hector" and sometimes aided (or opposed) by the half-demon "Skylar".

Personality: Jack is very kind and caring if not a bit headstrong. He prefers to do things his way and hates to be told what to do, he will however do whatever it takes to protect others due to his humanity and guilt.
Alternate Personality: Carter is extremely ruthless and cares for no one but himself. He is Jack's true personality though Jack denies this and refuses to believe that he could be so cruel and heartless. Carter believes power is all you need and friends are only a hindrance. Carter will sometimes aid Jack by telling him what to do, this however is not out of kindness but out of fear that if Jack dies then so does he.

Powers: Jack has multiple powers due to the fact he is a half-demon. He is able to fly with his demon wings that will sprout from his back (though he only uses this power if he truly needs to for when his wings grow out of his back it is extremely painful) Jack also has super strength, speed, and the power to manipulate others by having them look deeply into his glowing red eyes.

Weaknesses: Jack has multiple weaknesses as well due to the fact he is half-human. Jack can die like any human, though he is much more durable and can take an extreme beating before he will fall. He also is very protective of those he cares about and will often throw himself into danger to protect them.

Lunar Writer's Characters Mark10

Description: Mark is an average human who lives with his twin sister Lucy. The two of them lost their parents in a car crash and have had to take care of themselves ever since. After getting mugged and nearly beaten to death by some gang members one night after school, Mark was saved by Jack a half-demon who had lost his memory of his life as a demon. To thank Jack for saving his life he offers to let Jack stay in the attic of his home. Mark quickly becomes friends with Jack and promises to help him in anyway he can to recover his memory. After Lucy left because she couldn't handle being in love with Jack anymore, Mark asked his best friend since childhood "Theo" and his older brother "Devan" to move in so that he could have some help with the chores around the house that Lucy usually did. Mark continues to help Jack in anyway he can while trying to balance work and school in the process.

Personality: Mark has an extremely upbeat personality and it is hard to make him sad or depressed. You could describe him as an "eternal optimist" which is in direct contrast with his sister who would worry about everything and was depressed most of the time. Mark is also a pervert with a capital P. Girls are constantly on his mind and any attractive girl he meets it doesn't take him long to start flirting, although most of the time he ends up making a fool of himself since he is rather clumsy.

Powers: Due to the fact that Mark is a human he doesn't have any special powers really although Jack did teach Mark how to hypnotize people in case of emergencies (though Mark mainly just uses this to pick up girls). Mark has about average human strength and agility although he can take a punch and doesn't give up easily.

Weaknesses: Since Mark is a human he can easily get his ass kicked by anything stronger than a human. He is also very gullible and trusting(especially around girls) and will often fall for tricks.

Lunar Writer's Characters Theo10

Description: Theo is a human who is blind and is close friends with Jack and Mark. Theo was often teased and bullied in grade school because he was blind and so shy but then one day Mark began to stand up for him and ever since then the two of them have been best friends and have been inseparable. Theo has an older brother named Devan who often teases him causing Theo to look up to Mark as more of a role model than his brother. As soon as Theo met Jack he was able to sense there was something different about him and that he wasn't human, however the two of them quickly became friends due to their similar kind personalities. Theo and his brother have recently moved in with Mark to help him ever since his sister Lucy moved out and since becoming friends with Jack, Theo has agreed to help Jack recover his memory in anyway he can.

Personality: Theo is extremely sweet and gentle with a heart of gold. He is often very emotional and will get depressed if one of his friends are sad as well. He may not be as smart as his brother Devan but Theo can be very clever and often notices things that others don't.

Powers: Theo is a human and therefore doesn't have powers like Jack, Hector, or Skylar. He does however have an extremely acute sense of hearing due to his blindness. He is also very tenacious and will refuse to give up no matter what.

Weaknesses: Due to the fact that Theo is blind he often needs someone to help guide him around (Usually Mark or Devan)and usually has to feel around the area to walk around on his own unless he is already familiar with the area. Theo is also very gulible and easily tricked by others, but not for the same reasons as Mark. Theo is gullible because of his innocence and trusting personality.

Lunar Writer's Characters Devan10

Description: Devan is an average human and is Theo's older brother. Devan is often the one who the others go to for advice and any technical needs that they have due to Devan's amazing tech skills and knowledge. While Devan may not go out physically and help Jack and the others, he does provide them with knowledge and any inventions/gadgets he creates to help them. From time to time he will even speak to the others through radio and provide them with any information they need. Devan and Theo have recently moved in with Mark to help him around the house ever since his twin sister left.

Personality: Devan's personality mainly consists of the fact that he shows no emotion unlike his younger brother who is very emotional. This trait often causes girls to be interested in him but he usually ignores the girls since he finds girls as a distraction from his work which is the one thing he is truly passionate about. Despite not showing much emotion and being very cold, he does care about his little brother and protects him from those who would harm him.

Powers: Devan is a human so he doesn't have any special powers, he is however extremely intelligent and tech savvy. He can invent many useful gadgets and inventions that help the others when they need them.

Weaknesses: Devan's only weakness besides the fact that he is an average human with not much strength is he is extremely prideful and will refuse to admit he is wrong (even if he is).

Lunar Writer's Characters Hector10

Description: Hector is another half-demon that has been trying to kill Jack ever since Jack awakened with his humanity. Not much is known about Hector, in fact Jack used to think he may have been an angel since he had blue eyes and not red eyes like most demons but then Hector revealed to him that he was a half-demon like him. Skylar later revealed to Jack that Hector is in fact a human that drank demon blood to become a half-demon to make himself more powerful. Other than that all that is known is Hector wants nothing more than to kill Jack.

Personality: Hector is nothing more than a cold blooded killer and could care less about taking a human life despite the fact that he himself was a human at one time and still retains half of his humanity. His personality is very similar to Jack's inner demon personality Carter, though him and Carter despise each other whenever they face one another.

Powers: Hector's demon powers are equal to Jack's, but Hector uses his powers in a much more wild and angry way causing him to focus more on strength and brute force instead of agility. Hector also wields a knife that is made of a special metal which weakens Jack when he is cut with it.

Weaknesses: Due to Hector's erratic and straightforward fighting style he often is easily dodged and lead into traps. He is also very easily angered which causes him to be easily tricked.

Lunar Writer's Characters Skylar10

Description: Skylar is another half-demon that is a mute and is neither good nor evil, he is mainly just in it for himself. Not much is known about Skylar except that he is a traveling musician and hates Hector. Jack first met Skylar when he was using his music from his guitar to charm a group of girls and Hector attacked the two of them. Jack and Skylar tend to get along and from time to time will team up but at the same time Skylar may cause trouble that Jack has to clean up afterwards.

Personality: The most important thing to Skylar is having a good time and playing his music. Skylar is very flirty around women and tends to charm them with his hypnotic music. From times when Skylar has used sign language or written down what he's thinking to communicate it is revealed that he is a bit of a smart-ass and is full of himself. Skylar also appears to get very angry whenever he sees Hector because of how much he dislikes him. Deep down though Skylar is a good person and if backed into a corner will fight for the good and protect those around him.

Powers: Skylar's demon powers are a bit different compared to Jack's and Hector's powers. Skylar uses his guitar to summon his powers such as shooting lightning and fire from his guitar or causing the ground to erupt from beneath his target. He also is able to charm others with the music from his guitar to make them do his bidding. If Skylar ever finds himself in trouble he begins to sing with his voice that is so loud that it stuns anyone who hears it (this is why Skylar refuses to talk because he cannot control the volume of his voice) While Skylar may be as strong as Jack and Hector he prefers to use his music to fight.

Weaknesses: Skylar is incredibly cocky and often believes he is stronger than he is causing him to push himself to his limit. Another problem is Skylar's constant need for fun sometimes causes him to get into trouble since his idea of "fun" is different to the police's idea of fun.

Lunar Writer's Characters Zeke10

Description: Zeke has yet to let himself be known to the other characters so not much is known about him accept that he is an angel that has been following Jack's progress. He appears to be the only one besides Hector that knows about Jack's past.

Personality: Zeke appears to be kind and protective of those who are weak. Several times when Jack and Hector have battled, Zeke has gotten humans to safety so that they would not be harmed. However he seems to also have a mischievous side since he has often played pranks on others.

Powers: Zeke's powers are very similar to Jack and Hector's powers except that Zeke's powers are much more elegant (Example: Jack and Hector have dark bat-like demon wings while Zeke has graceful bird-like angel wings). He also is very strong and is able to predict when demons are around and when others are in danger. Most of Zeke's powers have yet to be seen though.

Weaknesses: (Unknown)

Lunar Writer's Characters Azrael10

Description: Azrael is the angel of death who like Zeke has yet to let himself be known to the other characters and has watched them from a distance, therefore not much about him is known. Azrael appears to be neutral,neither taking the side of good nor evil and instead carries out the jobs that are given to him by a higher power. However it does appear that Azrael has sympathy for those that are killed who don't deserve to die yet, for when he has seen innocents slaughtered by those such as Hector, Azrael has cried when he is forced to take their souls. Because of this Azrael has formed a great hatred of Hector for taking the lives of so many innocents.

Personality: Azrael appears to be cold and uncaring yet he has a soft spot for things that are beautiful and pure. Azrael has sometimes gone out of his way to protect children because of their innocence believing that they do not deserve to die.

Powers: Azrael has many powers such as being able to fly, predict when and how a person is going to die, and his touch can drain the life out of those who are weak. Azreal uses a scythe for his weapon of choice and can rip the very soul of a person out of their body with it. His tears are also able to heal mortal wounds and in some cases bring someone back from the dead.

Weaknesses: (Unknown)

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