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Bringing Back Old Nightmares(Nightmares Charries)

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Name: Ailia Hall
Age: 19 Years Old
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: French, Italian and Deutch
Species: Witch
Preference: Guys and Guys only. She goes for Jocks, or muscular guys. She prefers people her age, but if not, the oldest she will go is 24. She will go no younger than her age. Wealth doesn't matter to her, but she would like a man with enough money to get her a few fancy things here and there.
Appearance: Ailia has long flowing, blonde hair, a good tan, small figure, deep green eyes and pearly white teeth. She stands at Five feet tall and weighs a solid 100 pounds. No piercings, tattooes, or scars, and she often wears a lot of make-up. She likes wearing single strapped shirts, or the kind that don't cover her shoulders, short-skirts or skin-tight skinny jeans. She usually curls her hair, and wears hardly any jewelry.

Personality: Ailia is a fun loving, carefree girl. She likes to go out and party, and just let loose. She is kind of a drama queen, and some-how manages to to always get involved in Drama. She loves to sing, and write songs. She, unfortunatly, has no musical instrument talent at all. She is easily excited, and hard to fall in love. She loves little kids, and loves being around happy families and people. She doesn't care for rude people, unsensative people, or anyone along those lines.

History: Ailia is a descendant of the most Powerful Witch Coven in France--The Halls. The Halls were famous for their mind tricks and clean deathes. They dominated the 13th Century, until they met they're enemies--The Italian Warlock Coven The Klayers. The Klayers destroyed many of the Hall witches, and destroyed most of France in the process. Alia is the bloodborn descendant of Kaile Hall and Shaeston Klayer. Born in Paris, Ailia was born with the most powerful magic known to anybody--She alone could destroy both the Hall and Klayer Families. Ailia is the eldest of three, her being the only girl and only one carrying the families ancient gift. When she moved out on her own at the age of Sixteen, she went to Poland, where she met the thrid most powerful witch coven ever. She fell in love with the eldest son, whom she accidently killed when she mischanted a spell. She moved back in with her parents shorlt yafter and has not used magic sense--giving it a much more powerful and destructive power next time she uses it.

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Name: Arian-Davian Baxter
Nickname: Ari
Age: Eighteen Years Of Age
Ethnicity: Spanish
Species: Arian is a Shapeshifter. He prefers Shifting into a Ring-Tail Leamer.
Power: When he is in Human form, he has the ability to control the ground.
Preference: Ari likes Guys, and only guys. He is a top, and only a top.

Appearance: Ari looks like any other emo guy--pale, long black hair, piercings, blue eyes, make-up(usually worn mildly), and built figure(not common in most emos). He prefers wearing girls skinny-jeans, and semi-tight fitting shirts. He generally wears grey, black and red. He is 5 feet, 11 and 1/2 inches tall, and he weighs 139 pounds.

Personality: Ari likes to keep to himself. He is shy at first, but once he warms up to you, he is very friendly. He trusts very little people-if any. He has a very complex way of thinking--he takes a bit to long to think of simple things. He is very smart, and doesn't like showing it. He is a little creative, and loves to paint. He can be very flirty and romantic, and loves to show affection.

History: Ari was born in Argentina, and lived there until he was Sixteen years old, when his family moved to Madrid, Spain. He does know English, and is very good at it. He was pushed off a cliff, into the ocean below when he was only Ten years old. He has never trusted any sense. He lives a very adventurous life--Rock Climbing, Bike Riding, Cliff Diving(safely...), Sky Diving, Deep-Sea Diving and Fighting. He has had a lot of near-death experiences, the first one at age ten.

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