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Always on the Edge

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1Always on the Edge Empty Always on the Edge on Fri Apr 29, 2011 11:02 pm

Hayley was looking around at the nearby shops. She had never seen this sort of town and the people were all in a hurry to get somewhere it seemed like. Dispite the great view of the city it smelled of pollution and it burned her nostrils. Hayleys place was in the forest breathing in the fresh air, not in a large city full of waste. But she wanted to get away no matter how much it hurt. Hayley noticed kept on walking down the busy streets going past the colossal size building. They were taller then any redwood she came acrossed. She could agree that man has gotten for in the past hundred years, but man was still weak. As she moved along her eyes locked onto something. Being fae made you able to break through other fae glamour. Quickly she picked up her paste and followed the fae with the glamour on. She came across an alley way that was dark and small. Hayley slowly made her way down the alley without a sound. The fae was small, but he was very dangerous. Hayley smirked."So this is where you been hiding?" She asked plainly as she leaned against the brick wall and closed her eyes. The other fae growled a little from being found out."It seems your powerful enough to break my glamour, guess my dog form didnt trick you." the fae was saying as a small dragon like creature came out. If any child saw this they would think it be the cutiest pet in the world. Boy would they be dead wrong. Hayley bounced off against the wall and walked towards him. "Dont want any trouble while I am here, now do I?" She was saying as she kneed down next to him.He was about the size of a wheel of a car. The fae boweed down to her. He was not as powerful and knew his place." A smile grew upon Hayley's face." I need you to keep an eye on this city for me and report if any other fae's are after me. I know your on my side atleast." she manged to get up as she saw her friend smile. Of course they were freidns, but she also had to show you had the upper hand. The dragon nodded and started to climb up the wall. Hayley gave him a nod and walked out of the alley way.

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