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1Holly's Characters Empty Holly's Characters on Fri Apr 29, 2011 5:21 am

Picture1: Her glamour Form -
Holly's Characters Pulling_Away_by_DomSplinter
Picture2:Her Fae form-- Holly's Characters ___Fairy_has_noticed_You____by_Amori_chan

My name is Hayley. I don't have a last name since I never had one so if its ever needed I make one up right on the spot. My real name is Heliotrope, which is my Fae name, but I'm in hiding right now. Ok ok so you might not know what a Fae is. Ever heard of faeries or pixies? I'm something of the sort, but not your everyday human happy faerie tale. Fae are magic creatures, there are many different kinds of Fae, but we keep secrets from the humans of course. Many of us love to devour human flesh or cause destruction in the human world out of pure blitz. Many of us Fae can't age. Some age more slowly than others or some, like half Fae, age slowly but only last a hundred years or so. Since I'm a pure Fae I stopped aging around my mid twenties, but in my human form I look about my late teens.

Why I'm in my human form you may ask? I'm in hiding from my father at the moment. I'll explain more about that in a little bit. But I picked a punk teen disguise so I look the exact opposite from my original form since I'm more of a nature kind of girl. But I have come to love the style though and putting up the glamor requires little of my magic at all. More so, it actually keeps my magic compressed, sort of like.. a barrier as you humans would call it.

So being a Fae doesn't seem all that a exciting whoo! *I twirl my finger to show my excitement* Since I am a nature Fae I feel most powerful near the ground where any kind of plant life may be. So therefore I would feel very vulnerable when riding in a car or in a plane. So for the most part I walk everywhere and for me that's no biggie. Anyways back to why being a Fae is awesome... umm besides the glamor I can appear out of anywhere usually by combining my body to the object. Since I'm more related to plants, I can blend within trees or even the grass from the ground and make myself appear or disappear within them. Not only can I blend with nature but I can almost move tree limbs and vines. I also have a very sweet scent that drives most human's crazy or even lustful. In the old days when I was young and naive, I would use these tricks to lure humans to my den and devour them. Human flesh tasted amazing to me, but after a few hundred years they started to taste gross. Damn humans and there pollution, but that's not the reason why I decided to stop eating humans...
Oh and something else that is different about nature Fae's are that we can't mend silver like most other Fae's can, for some reason the mineral is too strong for us. We can touch it fine, it just slows us down a bit. It wont kill us either, even if we were shot by one all it do is slow us down and buy you some time.Another thing that gets on my nerves is guns. God I freakenhell hate them. So loud and smelly. No wonder humans don't taste good anymore.... But I don't eat humans anymore so it doesn't matter *I smile with my hands intertwine behind my back*

Let me see most of the time I choose to be quiet and shy in my human form. I don't want attention and I like to keep to myself. So I'll talk to ya, but I'm not going to be the popular friend though. I am very nice and I have become more generous now a days. I try not to get too close to a friendship since... I know I can outlive you. Another reason I keep my distance from humans and forming bonds between them. Do I ever feel emotions or attraction towards humans? Yes I have... sadly the more I lived in the human world the more I craved for love and soon grow feelings. It hard not to form friendships and such, but I break away when I feel like I'm getting close. I tend to disappear or stay away when I feel a bond is getting too close. For if I gave into my craving of love I would let down my guard and return to my original form.

In my Fae form I'm a free spirit. I love running around acting all crazy and not giving a care in the world, but that personality was locked away hundreds of years ago. My ever happy mischievous young self is forever suppressed. If I had ever let my guard down, my father would find me in a heart beat. So my human self is more of how I usually act... I probably forget how I used to act anyways.

I was born a very long time ago. During an age when humans lived in castles, rode around on horses, and wore armor to then call themselves knights. My mother took care of me for most of my young Fae days. She had lovely orange hair and her eyes were a dark green. My father always told me I looked like my mother except for his blue eyes I got from him and my hunger for human flesh. We were a happy Fae family that lived in a tree. Yes a tree, we built our home inside of it and we kept the tree alive by our magic. But our happy family changed when my mother was killed. Its not easy to kill a nature Fae, but if another Fae is powerful enough they could. You see my mother wasn't killed by another Fae... no she was killed by my father. He had found out my mother had decided to live with the humans and had slept with one. This caused my father, who was the most powerful nature Fae at the time, to become enraged. He was blinded by hatred and jealously on how my mother cared more for the humans than her own pure Fae family. My father gathered a few humans he had caught and transformed them into werewolves so they could do his bidding. Although they cant kill my mother (sure they can hurt her but they are not powerful enough to kill her). Once they dragged my mother back, all beaten up, my father laid her beaten body down on ash as he recited his spell. Right after the spell was recited she disappeared into nothingness.

I hated the humans from then on in my youth. I would trick humans and devour them in order to please my father. But a hundred years or so after my mother was deceased a human had won my heart. It was like most times on how I would catch my meal. A lonely male human walks through the forest, I smile and play tricks as I giggle and run around the forest looking like a fantasy to them, my sweet scent would lure them to follow me to my den. I would walk close to them, touch and feel them making them more lustful and daze them, and then (when they were caught up in the moment) I would eat them in a single bite. Gone. But this human male was different. He looked at me with pain and hurt. This human could see through my true ambitions and knew I didn't do this for me, I did this for my father, that I wasn't happy, I was sad and in pain.

I fell in love with this human but.... my father soon found out. I promised to protect him and I did. I regretted doing it, but the only way to save him was to turn him into a tree. Since he was no where to be found my father went after me. He released his werewolves and they chased me for miles and miles as I ran for my life. He made about two dozen to chase after me and soon enough they caught me. When I was caught their razor sharp teeth dug through my soft light skin.Shredding me into pieces. A limb there. A head over there hanging from the tree. My heart spread out on the ground. No matter where my pieces laid I was still alive, terrified, but a live. Each one of my pieces was brought back to my father. Once my body healed itself in a few months my father talked to me and told me what I did wrong and why I was punished. He told me if I didn't eat the next human I saw, he would kill me. I could easily eat a human, but.... when I fell in love I couldn't bare even think about eating a human... I..I would be seen as a monster in his eyes. So with that I ran as far as I could to the new land and left my dear lover alive. A spell was placed on him before I left. His bark was made of steel and he could therefore not be chopped down, but trees only lived for so long.

After I had lived in the new world in a human disguise for a few decades I decided to go and see my dear loved, but my happy heart soon broke. When I arrived to where his tall limbs stood, he was rotting in his fallen spot. No leaves to be seen but a thin long bark from his trunk. I cried for the first time in years, not since the death of my mother.

Now the human world is modern with these things called skyscrapers and technology called computers. The world has certainly change and has becomes more dirty. It weakens the Fae, but yet here I am still alive and running.

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Holly's Characters Rin

Well hello there *I bow* I'm pleased to introduce myself. *I stand back up* My name is Rin Stacey. I have a natural twin brother, whose name is Len Stacey. Most of the time I go by a code name so for the most part my real name is non existing. My last name is something... I feel very ashamed of, but... its the only way that I feel my relation with my other siblings. Of course my bond isn't as close to them as it is to my twin. We were both depended upon the other to survive and we only trusted each other in the hell we lived in.

This Hell I speak of? This shall be explained much later after I fully introduce myself of course. *I smirk as I sit down and cross my arms very elegantly* I may propose that I am a very fine lady, but a deadly one at that. My charms can be very deceiving and my acting is pretty damn good I may say so myself. My twin and I can put on a very good act. But why put on such acts? Whats the purpose you may ask? Well if I may inquire on asking such questions, is that it was all part of our training. We grew up and were raised in a laboratory to become the perfect human weapons. Day and night as far back as I can remember, we were trained till they almost killed us.

My word that sounds awful! You might be thinking right about now, but we weren't no ordinary human beings. Sure we were born with white hair, but it did not give us any special powers of the sort. That was of course before they experimented on us. Little infants no older than three months old. It was surprising enough we both survived such experimenting.... that was because we were already half dead. Yes it made us about thirty-five percent ghost, but it wasn't enough to make us a full ghost.

I gained the ability to turn invisible and gained ice powers. Both were perfect for becoming a perfected assassin. I wouldn't be seen and my weapon made of ice would melt away leaving nothing but a bloody cut up corpse behind. The perks of becoming an assassin granted us the position of being very high up in the ranks, but much had to be taught to us before we got there. Not only did we train to survive everyday, but he had to learn almost everything. From learning about different languages, weapons, how to operate different vehicles to learning about elegant dinning and manors. We became perfected to be the best in the corporation and together we were. Although *i giggle a bit as my hand covers my mouth* I am the smarter one. I'm not as clever as my twin nor am I a big fighter, but I am more stealthy and I deal with more long rang type of attacks.

Now my master, Mr. Helel, is the owner of the laboratory corporation. His orders are my every command. I follow him blindly with out any questions ask. We are the best and as expected from the best we preform these duties. To disobey or fail is never an option with him. If he asked for a certain person's head, I would bring it back in a wrapped up box if he wanted it that way and hand it to him personality. Of course my master prefers the people wanted dead to 'disappear'. Most of the time my brother and I work together, although occasionally we will work separate on certain missions. I greatly dislike that but I certainly wont complain about it.

I may seem like a sweet and innocent young attractive female. Being a splendid actress does have its uses. I am excellent at having the advantage of deceiving the male gender at best. With my nice figure and large breasts I use this advantage to trick males in order to eliminate them. Truthfully I don't really care if people we were assigned on the list or not. The thrill of killing is fun enough for me. As long as my master is happy at my work I could care less about other human beings. The only human I truly care about in his word is my twin and my siblings , otherwise to hell with everyone else.
When I was younger I loved to play tricks on the other children in the laboratory. We were known as the mischievous twins who played harmful pranks and laughed when others got hurt. Causing trouble was what we loved to do best. We became out casts but I could care less. I guess I loved being a snobbish bitch that is perfect.

Well there isn't a whole lot to talk about my past really. I never knew my real parents but I don't give a damn about those bastards for selling us to the laboratory for experimenting. I can never forgive them.... they wanted money so they were willing to sell us for experimenting. They can go die, but the laboratory needs them for assistance... so unfortunately I cannot let any harm come to them. That's all I know about my parents and most of my past.

Otherwise all I've ever done was train in the laboratory. My brother and I have been studying day and night on culture, fighting styles, weapons, and even languages. Besides the studying were we also given survival tests. If we didn't survive the laboratory could easily rebuild and train another person to take our place. Through our struggles we made it out alive and have now become trained assassinations and a very high rank it the corporation.

We were given jobs to kill certain people our boss wanted dead. It was fairly simple for the most part until it got to the supernatural beings that is. But besides our own fighting skills the laboratory gave us special weapons. These were especially helpful when we had to capture runaway experiments with powers. My brother and I were very successful on bringing them back without... too much harm.
Holly's Characters Len

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Wolf Form--- Holly's Characters SeffsWolf
Human Form--- Holly's Characters Seff

Name: Seff Cheveyo (Spirit Warrior)
Age: Immortal but likes to stay young between the ages 15-21
Born: unknown but he thinks around the 1500's
Gender: Male
Species: Wolf Spirit
Hobbies: Girls, fire, howling, girls, being kewl, hunting, burning things, and girls
Dislikes:Being rejected, someone telling him hes not kewl, and failure
Powers:Seff can fly, use fire, and can cast illusions.
Looks:Seff in his wolf form has red and white fur with black wings. He has Blue eyes. In his human form(most likely the younger one) He has red and black hair with white skin and blue eyes.
Personality:A ladies man. Seff loves to show off and being kool. He can be funny or serious at times. Loves to smile and have the ladies adore him. But dont be easyly foolded too much by this good looks. He also dislikes competition. Even though Seff can be a little over him self at times he is very kind and protective towards the people he loves.
About:His friends were the Indians of the land and his pack. They praised him as a spirit.Seff cant remember too much, but he does remember watching every member of his pack dieing in front of his eyes. He didnt know what to do but to pray to his ancestors for help from evil spirits. They heard his pray and blessed him with the power to protect his pack, but they still died. He ran away and lived with the curse he was given, a reminder of his failure of letting them down. He started to only live to seek revenge to who ever killed his pack, family, friends, and m@te. But now he sits back and enjoys life. He watches it go by and lives ever monment he can.

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Name: Frost Walker
Born: Jan 12, 1993
Mate/Crush on board: Peter
Mate/Crush on chat: Zazu
Hobbies:Spends time alone and visits her parents grave from time to time. Other wise trying to live on her own. Loves to play in the snow.
Powers:Frost can control crystal. She can form a scale 10 crystal(hard enough to scratch a diamond)
Looks:Silver colored hair with black in it. Frost has greyish color eyes. Slim kind of body and is about 5'5.
Personality: Sad at times. Never really smiles too much unless someone makes her happy or at work. Kind of a loner who only hangs out with herself. When she is happy Frost can open up and talk along with being very sarcastic and funny.
Frost used to be a livley and free spirit. Her parents were very wealthy. Because of this she never made too many friends, never wanted friends. Her parents were her friends. Frost often would spend her time reading or pratice the piano. Then her parents died in a car accident. Frost was left alone. No one to watch or take care of her and no friends to be with. Even though her parents were rich, the money some how dissapeared out of thin air. Frost was only tweleve when her whole life changed. After there death Frost lived on her own. But because of her gift, people that seen it would use her to become rich. Her crystal is easy to sell for being the hardest element on earth.

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Name: Rose
Born: Feb 11, 1993
Mate/Crush on board:Shade
Mate/Crush on chat:Cadence
Hobbies:Rose is a lovely model. She enjoys reading books(romance), cooking meals, watching tv, eating food, and running through the park.
Powers:Rose can freeze time for as long as she wants. Although, she can freeze as long as she wants, she can only do it every so often.(for example she can one freeze time once or twice a day)
Looks:Rose is very thin and tall. She is about 5'9. She has long brownish blondish hair. Pretty hazel eyes.
Personality:Rose doesnt like to be touched. She is kind, but likes to keep to herself. Rose may look to be strong willed, but actually is very broken in the inside. She doesnt let anyone know that though and hides it.
About:Rose never knew her father, but she loves her mother and brother who are very dear to her. Her mother saved up money to sent Rose to a boarding school. Rose loved the idea of living there, but turning her first year she was rapped in her dorm room. No one came to help her when she cried. After that Rose went home and her mother helped her get through it. A few years later her mother and brother were on a plane when it went down. Rose was living at home when this happened. She misses them very much and feels alone int he world sometimes without them. She often freezes time and watches the world stand still.

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Holly's Characters Redhead
About *smiles brightly as I start to sign* Hello there *waves* my name is Karina Lee. As you can see I am mute and was born with this curse. I am very free living and don't really care for much except that I kindof do anything and live on my own most of the time.

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Name: Ikuto Darkheart
Age:about 17
Born: Unknown
Species:Dark Angel
Looks:Black hair with light blue eyes. His wings are also black.
Mate/Crush on chat:Marlene
Mate/Crush on board: None
Hobbies:Seducing female (sometimes males), reading about dark spells or curses, tricking humans to do his will.
Personality:Kind of explained itself. But Ikuto is the bad boy here. Likes to trick humans for power. Really cares for no one but himself. One word to explain Ikuto:evil.
Powers:Has the power of charm to lure humans at his will. Sometimes uses lust to get them too. Can take energy from humans and turns them into power. Love and fear seem to come off the strongest in humans. The more emotions, the stronger he gets. Does not kill humans, it weakens them, but he likes to kill humans too.
About: Being a dark angel and all can make you not a very nice person. Ikuto does have a charm, if you fall for it your in trouble. He doesnt really like anyone too much and doesnt have many friends. Dont get on his bad side or your sight of the light might be gone along with your life. Ikuto for the most part enjoys fear and feeds off of it. He eats when there are strong emotions around. Fear is his favorite next to lxve

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Name: Patch
Age: 18
Born: March 13 1993
Species:Half human half vampire
Mate/Crush on board: Isis
Mate/Crush on Chat:Zooey
Hobbies:Patch likes to read, play guitar, make friends, and fly alone.
Powers: He can fly and make people do his will. He doesnt like sunlight, but it only makes him feel faint. Every other vampirse thing wont effct him.
Looks:Patch has dark brown hair with blonde mixed in. He is about 5'8 and in thin. Patch had small bat like wings on his back. They are strong enough
Personality:Patch is a lay back kind of guy. Hes not the smartest and he knows that. He is tricky though and likes to go with the flow. He is somewhat brave when in need, but kind of shy. He also likes to have fun, but can be a loner at times.
About: Patch is half vampire and half human. He is considered an outcast from both sides. Patch never knew his mother, but his father was killed in the society of the vampire world for having a human mate. For a while Patch was left alone at the age of 14. He went into a special boarding school and stayed in a dorm. He likes to fly alone at night and slowly grows up. Although Patch is starting to notice its slowing more and more by each year.

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Holly's Characters Krystal-1

Hair: white

Eye: Bright Blue

Height: 5'6

Weight: 121 lbs

Brief description: Krystal is a thin teen ager and has white pale like skin. She is rather healthy at the moment and is very fit.

Krystal Ann Stacey
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Date of birth: Dec 13 1994
Crush on boards: Carter
Crush on chat: None
Parents: Tom and Patricia Stacey
Siblings: Steph Stacey (23) and her older twin brother and sister (she doesnt know about them yet) Len and Rin (20)

Best friends:
Sam Mansion (19 Male) Danny Patch (16 Male)
Creature: Gifted Human
Powers: Can control ice(although she tends to have an excess amount and can easy lose control if Krytsal's uses too much) And she is very gymnastic so she can do flips and such.

Likes: Krystal like to have fun with her two best friends along with going around and being a thief. Sure she is rich, but its fun to steal though. Driving sport cars, playing with her sugar glider, Libya, playing any kind of racing game, music(Anything but rap or country), watching movie (no chick flick, more of an action type girl) drawing pictures (very artisic), and of course sneaking out.

Dislikes: Her family, girls who envy her, guys who only like her for her looks, running low on gas, getting caught, show offs, her older sister,and people who are annoying.

About: Krystal is a very sweet girl. She might seem to be the cool type of person that gets everything, but really, Krystal is shy and dislikes her family. Her life style is fine, although her parents dont pay much attention to her much. They praise her older sister, Steph, for everything and could careless about her.

Krystal spends most of her time hanging out with her two best friends. Even though they are of a lower class then her, she still loves him and invites them over sometimes. Even if her father dislikes her friend Sam.

Her school life is fine, she hates to get glares from every girl in the school and cant get the guys to stop chasing over her. It annoys her to no end. But thats why Sam and Danny help her out at school. They are also the only ones who treat her for who she is and know what her home life is like.


Krytsal to be honest doesnt remember much about her past. Most of it is a blur to her except a few memories. She can only remember as far back as the second grade. Where she first meet Danny and Sam. Her family doesnt really care for her, mostly ignore her, but care if she does something wrong. They dont know about her powers which Krystal would like to keep it that. Other then that Krystal doesnt really have anymore about her past. Shes smart and does well in school and ries to stay out of her sisters way.

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Holly's Characters C5b5461f382f60ada0bc5c44f2f660c2-d3g03zz
Name: Ty Lee
Gender: Female
Age: 20
DOB: Sep 18, 1991
Powers: Just about anything she writes becomes true for her but in trade she cannot hear. Ty Lee has tried giving herself the gift to hear again, but it does not work.
About: Ty Lee likes to write nonstop at times. she doesnt like to use her voice too much since she doesnt know what it sounds like. Ty Lee can sometimes be in her own little world and not even noticed people around her. She is very strong willed and does not like help from anyone. she can handle her own problems. Ty Lee can talk nonstop (with sigh or by writing of course) She likes to be in the forest most of the time and watch nature, either watching a flower ready to bloom to deer running in the forest. She also has a little dragon she made up when she was writing that follows her around. Its about the siz of a small cat and is he best friend.
Past:Ty Lee does not know her parents so she was raised in an orphanage until she was adopted by a strange man who wanted to adopted her at first sight. Ty Lee went home with this man at around the age of nine. He was kind for the most part, but he knew about her gift and he wanted her to always use it for himself. In exchange she could have food and a place to sleep. Ty Lee was ok with that for the most part. She didnt go to school, but Ben taught her. After a while Ty Lee grew tied of this and decided to run away. She lived on her own for a while and even tried high school. She wasnt the smartest there, but atleaset she passed. Then Ben had found her again. Although he wasnt too happy she ran away, so he locked Ty Lee up an once again ran away, but stayed hidden. Ben could some how find her but the past couple of times she got away.

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Holly's Characters Livin_my_life_like_it__s_golden_by_xxchange
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Powers: Turns into a lycanthrope
Date of birth:unknown
Crush on boards: none
Crush on chat: none
Description:Chepi has pretty soft green colored eyes. Her skin in a fine tone and her body in nice and slim. Her hair is as black as a crow almost.
About: Chepi may look like a sweet and innocent tender little thing. But she is very strong willed and tough. You touch her and your head will be gone from your shoulders. She loves to run non stop and doesnt take shit from anyone. Chepi works on cars and does a fine job getting them back into shape too. Not looking for love at the moment, but loves to mess with people though.Chepi loves the beach, but doesnt go into the water in fear of drowning.
Past:Chepi doesnt remember too much of her past but she was raised in Montana by her foster parents who took good care of her until a large strange wolf attacked the cabin they were living in. Nothingg was left of the family, but Chepi who was knocked under the table and was left alive, all she had was a claw mark. She woke up later after she started to regain consciousness. It was then she found out she could shift into a beast during the full moon or when her anger was over the top.

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Name: Alisa Boskonovitch
Age:about 18
Born: Unknown
About: Alisa was a human at first but when she died in a car accident her father put her memories into a cyborg. Alisa is a very sweet girl who is fun to hang aroun with. She does not eat or drink anything since it might fry her system. Alisa has chainsaws that can come out of her arms, along with rockets coming out of her feet. Alisa for the most part is a super smart computer. Her program is not hard to override though, so she might turn against you with out knowing it.

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Holly's Characters E13c4a5ebbdecd12a756ac5725bbf107-d1v9fwp
Gender: Female
Age: unknown
Height: 5.5ft
Weight: 127lbs
Hair: white
Eyes: Purple but can change from time to time

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Holly's Characters Sam
Name: Sam Mansion
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 6'4
Weight: 145lbs
Abilities: Can shoot guns and drive cars
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Personality: Sam is a little rough around the edges. He isn't the smartest person in the world, but if you need him he's there. He tends to be the one to get the ladies unlike his best friend Danny. Sam doesn't like to be in the center of attention, if he is he will get away some how. He acts tough and usually is the one to start fights.
Past:Sam hates his home life with a burning passion. He usually sticks around his two best friends: Danny and Krystal.
When Sam was younger he was with his mother on their way home way late at night. Then suddenly his mother was taken from him in a matter of minutes. Sam was only five when the man came up to his mom and demanded her belongings. She told Sam to run and go home, to leave her behind. Sam did as his mother told him, but as soon as he left he heard the gun shot.When Sam ran back to his mother he saw her lying on the ground dead. He ran home and told his father everything that happened. Out of anger his father slapped Sam across the face for leaving her behind, even though it wasn't Sam's fault. Over time his father became more and more abusive towards Sam. Sam usually stays out late and even became part of a gang. They became his new family for him and support him as long as he gets his job done. But his real friends know so little about him, but Sam only does this to keep them safe.

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Holly's Characters Kriste10

Hello there *gives a peaceful bow* My name is Kristen and I'm a pokemon trainer from Snowpoint City. I've only entered on my journey into the pokemon experience only a few years ago. So I may not be the best fighter here, but I work and try my hardest to my full potential. At first I put off a strict and snobbish attitude, but once you know me I'm sure you'll understand *I giggle with my sleeve covering my mouth*.  I love my whole team and at the moment I'm searching for a new member to join my little family of six so we can travel and enjoy many more adventures. *nods my head and smiles* As you can tell I am not a very out going person, but that was how I was raised. Growing up in a strict environment with pride being a huge deal in my household. I live just south a bit of Snowpoint City, where my family and I ran an inn. We often take in travelers, mostly pokemon trainers, who had come to fight the gym leader and visit the ruins of the Snowpoint tower.

I thought that I would of always worked at the inn, but it wasn't till someone noticed how well me and Glaceon worked together while helping with the guests at the inn. With that thought in mind I had begun to wonder and decided that i wanted to do more than run an inn, so I talked to my family who smiled at me. They agreed to let become a trainer and hoped that I would accomplish great things for my family's household honor.

Pokemon Team: Glaceon  
Holly's Characters Glaceo10
Glaceon is my first pokemon along with being my best friend. Before I became a pokemon trainer, Glaceon would help the family run the inn with us. She was very playful towards children and had a silly bubbly attitude when it came to being herself. She is great for finding things in the snow, even lost pokemon trainers! Me and Glaceon have always been together and I love how she sticks by my side. Even if we do get into difficult situations, she is there to help me out despite her bubbly silly attitude. I always keep Glaceon out with me since I feel the closest to her along with being my best friend to me.

Most of time Glaceon loves to run around and plays in the snow whenever she can. Although, she does have her serious moments, mostly in the morning when she is woken up. On those days I let her be to prevent getting frozen.

Glaceon knows Ice Fang, Barrier, Mirror Coat, and Blizzard.
Holly's Characters D4f4f88e8f09efbb4c73572400542ee6-d3d68x8
Luxray was my first pokemon I ever caught *Tries to jump in my komono, but falls* *quickly gets back up and brushes herself off* umm hehe I well I first met Luxray when he was a cute little Shinx. I found him sleeping near a tree and thought he was the cutest thing ever!! Well I felt horrible if I tried to catch him while he was sleeping so I woke him up. He was surprised to see me and growled a bit, but it was too cute for me to handle. I picked him up and hugged him, telling him we were going to be friends.

Glaceon was confused by my actions, but before I could say anything to her I was electrocuted by Shinx. After that Glaceon was prepared for battle, we won and I made Shinx a new member of our little family. He was alright with me being his trainer and accepted me. He doesn't take kindly to weaklings and every now and then will pick a fight with Glaceon whenever she goofs off. But in the end he still can't beat her. After he evolved into Luxray he noticed how much stronger he became, but at the same time Glaceon grew as well. He accepted this and knows Glaceon is on the top.

Luxray looooves to sleep a good part of the time. He hates to lose and can get mad easily. He has learned to respect Glaceon and myself by acknowledging we are stronger than he is, but I was say that Luxray is pretty strong and he isn't one to mess with (especially when he is sleeping). Most of the time he is relaxed and lays low until he is needed for battle. Then he will fight and show how strong he really is.

Luxray knows Crunch,  Wild Charge, Iron Tail, and Thunder

Holly's Characters Blaziken_by_all0412-d54vao7
Blaziken was one with a strong attitude. He listened to no one and wanted nothing to do with anyone, but that was until he met me.  At first when i had met Blaziken he was a Combusken at the time. I remember when Luxray was walking with us and he appeared before us. He had no interested in us at all, except he wanted to fight Luxray. I could well the power struggle between the two so we entered a battle. Combusken sill had much to learn, but Luxray was pretty worn out himself from the battle. After I went to the pokemon center to heal everyone up, I let Combusken join my team. At first he seemed to hate the idea of being with us, but he and Glaceon seemed to get to along despite being two totally different elements.

For a while Combusken wouldn't listen to me and I knew I had to be strict with me. Boy I didn't show any mercy towards him, but I trained him hard till he learned to listen. He became much stronger then and soon evolved after months of training and hard work. He still likes to be on his own from time to time, but I know he always comes back to us. He can be lazy at time, but atleast I don't catch him sleeping off like those two *points to Luxray and Glaceon. Luxray is laying down not caring while Glaceon is tilting her head confused* I will say that Blaziken is my top fighter and will be my first to come out to battle. He is very loyal to me and he has his funny moments when playing with Glaceon, but with his swift fighting and kicks I fell in love with his coolness and beauty.

Blaziken knows Mirror Move, Sky Uppercut, Blaze Kick, and Blast Burn
Holly's Characters Haunter_by_kawiko-d5sq5nk
I remember meeting Haunter when I traveled to Lavender Town. It wasn't my favorite town I've been too. Just something about it seemed... sad to me. At the time I had a bad feeling about entering the town, but Glaceon lead the way and pushed me farther.

Haunter was actually my forth pokemon I had caught. I hadn't expected to catch a ghost type pokemon. At first when I heard that there was such a thing it terrified me to death! But that wasn't until I met Haunter. He wasn't trying to be mean or chase us away, he was funny and he looked lonely. I ran into Haunter when I was on the outside of Lavender Town. Everyone was eating lunch we suddenly all our food started to float! I was scared, but I didn't show that towards my team. Of course I looked startled, but I soon heard a laughing sound and made Blaziken use his blaze kick, knocking the passed out Haunter to the ground. I was mad at him for scaring me, but I soon caught him. After I had caught Haunter I had introduced him to everyone. No one at the time seemed to like him, even Glaceon. But Haunter showed us funny faces and did silly things to make us laugh. It was then I realized that he was looking for friend. It must be lonely being a ghost pokemon, the only friends you could have were dead ones.

My Haunter knows Lick, Shadow Claw, Telekinesis, and Shadow Ball
Holly's Characters Pok%C3%A9mon.full.988576

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Holly's Characters Torama10
(ignore red eyes)
Holly's Characters Suzush12
Holly's Characters Suzush13

Name: Tricity

Abilities: Tricity has the ability to control electricity. She can either gather energy through her body or by collecting the electrolytes in the air, by creating a lighting storm.  Tricity is always filled with the electric current, even if no sparks are shown shooting off of her. She can also speed up her movement with the current of electricity in her body, this can also cause her particles on her body to split apart. Because of this ability, Tricity can dodge bullets aimed right at her. Tricity knows combat training and is often harsh to her opponents.

Appearance:Tricity has blonde to white hair along with eyes that are gold. Her eyes change with her hair color. A dark blonde and gold color for anger to a lighter (almost white) blonde hair and lighter golden eye color for either happy or sad mood. She often wears some kind of flower in her hair as well.

Personality: Tricity is short tempered and can get frustrated easily.  She is often very proud of her abilities and thinks she is unstoppable at times. When things don't go her way she will explode into rage. She seems very narcissistic about herself and seems to care very little about others. Not much concerns Tricity except that she is rewarded for what she is able to do in the end.

About: Despite for her strong headed personality and self consciousness, Tricity does love the beauty of the earth. She enjoys flowers and is often found in a garden. Many animals tend is either flee or run away when she walks near since they can sense a strong electrical current running through her. So instead, Tricity decided to hang around the flowers or the outdoors alone. Also when she is near any electrical stuff it tends to go haywire or explode due to the high amount of electricity inside of her.

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Holly's Characters Aoshik12
Holly's Characters Steamp11

Name: Nix

Abilities: Can control gravity of something by touch or of herself. Nix can make herself bounce high distances by controlling the level of gravity force on herself. She can also touch something and either make the force of gravity crush them or can raise them high into the air. And if Nix wanted too she could also create a black hole, although tests ended in failure due to being out of control or almost killing Nix.
She also knows the basics of being able to handle military weapons such as guns, bombs, etc. in combat training.

Appearance: Nix has a dark to light faded hair color, looking like a sunset almost. She has green eyes and always keeps a pair of goggles on top of her head.

Personality: Nix is most often seen as a sweet and innocent girl. She does like to play piratical jokes, but nothing too serious resulting in death. Nix is full of life and loves to play around most of the time. Rarely is she ever serious or angry and if anything happens she often pushes it aside and moves on. Although Nix has been trained in combat she dislikes the idea of killing people. When she is ordered to Nix will only hurt the person, but not fatally. She is very book smart, but can be a huge ditz and may seem to lack any knowledge.

About Nix loves to play around either inside of the laboratory or playing outside of the laboratory. She spends a lot of her time reading books and loves fantasy stories the best. Nix often feels lonely, but enjoys her visits with another member of the off branch laboratory. She craves to have friends, but she doesn't really get along with the other members of her laboratory unit. Nix often dreams about relationships or adventures  and has a strong burning passion to go out into the world some day.

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Holly's Characters Aoshik13
Holly's Characters Sharon10
Holly's Characters Sharon11
Holly's Characters Sharon12

Name: Aura

Abilities Aura has the ability to manipulation light. Although she cannot control the sun, she is able to use its rays as sharp piercing blades. She can also take light away from objects such as a flame in a fireplace to the light in a lamp. Aura is able to move at the speed of light, moving faster than anyone.

Appearance: Aura has light blonde hair and dark golden eyes. She has a light glow that is always coming off of her except when she is asleep. She loves to wear nice dresses and flowers in her hair as decorations.

Personality: Aura is a sweet girl and cares for just about anyone. She is willing to go out of her way to help someone in need. Aura loves to talk and tries to make friends whenever she can. Usually she is turned down, but does not give up so easily. She dislikes working for the laboratory, but wont disobey an order. Instead when Aura is sent on missions she remains emotionless until she returns. Usually after the missions she reflects on what she has done. Sometimes she feels happy for helping, other times she remains in her room for a few days feeling regret.

About: Aura seems to be very smart and can usually figure out what to do. Most of her pass time is either talking to people or reading a good book. She also enjoys going outside and watch as the flowers surround her and blossom in bloom when she walks near. She enjoys singing and is known to have a beautiful voice. Aura unlike many who come here don't remember much of there past, but unfortunately Aura does and wishes to forget like many of the experiments here.

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Holly's Characters Elysa_11

Holly's Characters Redone10

Name: Razor

Abilities: Razor is a human weapon. She was pumped with titanium that now runs through her entire body. Most of her abilities involve her hands transforming into blades, but where ever she has skin Razor can cover it with titanium. Razor has been highly trained in combat and never shows any mercy to her victims. She has mastered some stealth, but for the most part she uses her charms. Not only does Razor have excellent offense, her defense is incredibly as well. In an instant, any part of her body will turn into titanium. Even though this slows her down a bit, Razor is still sharp and quick as a knife.  

Appearance:Razor has dark red color hair and piercing blue eyes. She tends to look down at her victims with her tall height. She also has dark markings throughout her body along with a glowing light coming from her throat and belly button area.  She has no idea why its there, but the brighter it glows the more enraged and powerful Razor feels. Usually razor is found wearing high heels or some showy off outfit.


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