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Story thet doesnt have a title...yet ^^

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1Story thet doesnt have a title...yet ^^  Empty Story thet doesnt have a title...yet ^^ on Sun Mar 06, 2011 7:31 am

Chapter 1

Why me? Thought the seventeen-year-old girl as her head was leaned against the car window. The coldness from the window didn’t bother her, it actually felt nice against her pale like skin. She was thankful the windows were tinted and kept the light out. Moving her attention towards the front of the limo, the teenager was starting to grow bored as the car moved along the smooth road. ”We are almost there Mistress Krystal.” the driver said as he saw Krystal by looking through his rear view mirror in the front of the limo. Krystal perked up a little bit as he said that and then leaned on the back of her seat.
Krystal nodded her head slowly, “Why thank you, Jacob, for informing me,” she told the driver who was Krystal’s personal butler. He was very modest and had a British accent that sounded high class. He only tipped his head in reply, which could be seen through the mirror. Krystal looked back out the window and watched as the trees passed by. It’s strange for a boarding school to be in the middle of nowhere, she thought to herself as she shifted her crossed knees. Maybe it’s a way to get rid of me, Krystal thought as she closed her eyes slowly to rest.
After a while along the road, the trees started to clear out and the car made its way to a complete stop. The young mistress opened her eyes then and sat still, waiting for her driver to come open the door.

“We are here, Madam,” Jacob was saying as he got out of the car to open Krystal’s door for her. Krystal got out of the limo and grabbed her luggage for her “new home,” as she called it. Waving a goodbye, Krystal saw Jacob drive away, leaving her to enter this new school by herself. Looking around, Krystal found a path towards the huge gothic style school and opened the main doors to get inside. The school looked nothing new in the inside, more like any other school with the boring green or blue hallways and the lockers against the walls. What seemed like hours of walking down the empty hallways, Krystal finally found the office and walked in. She walked up to the desk and looked at the office lady, waving her hand to get the office lady’s attention. ”Hi there. I’m new to the school and I need my class schedule and my dorm room number,” Krystal said rather quickly for being a bit nervous. The attendance lady pulled her oversized glasses down from her long nose and looked up at Krystal.

“Ah, yes. You must be the transfer student. Krystal Stacey, right?” Krystal gave her a nod. The woman then rolled her chair from across the room and grabbed some papers then rolled back towards Krystal. She handed Krystal all the papers for her to have. Looking at the papers the office lady had given Krystal, she seen a picture of a map of the school and the areas around it. Krystal scanned the map quickly and soon found where the dorms were located to then notice it was not too far away from the school.

“Thank you,” Krystal chimed in and tried her best not to stare at the huge wart on the attendant lady’s nose. Smiling the lady nodded her head then went back to typing on the computer. Krystal grew confused as to why the lady gave her a weird crooked smile, as if she knew something. Shaking the matter off, she left the office and headed to her dorm room, which was actually just across from the school buildings.

After walking to the dorms and climbing three flights of stairs, Krystal finally made it to her dorm room. She stood in front of room 321 and started to unlock it. Carefully she opened the room to only find it was empty inside. “I guess I should thank them for giving me a room to myself.” Krystal grumbled to herself as she placed her bags on the floor. Unzipping each bag, Krystal placed her jewels, clothes pictures, and other personal stuff away in the drawers. She sat on her medium size bed and looked out towards the window to notice she still had a few hours before the sun would go down. Krystal then decided to go explore around at the school and hope to find people to talk to. Putting on her white short dress with the black woven laces all over, she slipped on her back, short heel shoes and then walked out her dorm room. Before she left, Krystal remembered to lock up the room and then soon made her way down the hallway.

Krystal made her away along the school dormitory, noticing students sitting in the hallways or in there rooms busy talking or even for some, deep into their studies for school. She felt the stares on her as she walked along. It was always bad enough to be the new student in the school, but she hated how she stood out from the rest of the crowd. For as long as Krystal could remember, it had always been that way. She hated to get the dagger-like stares from most of the girl population, although most of the guys couldn’t keep their eyes off her. She hated it; Krystal only wanted to be treated normally, but most of the time she pushed the stares aside after having to endure it for so many years anyways. Then the thoughts for her friends popped into her head all of a sudden. Krystal lowered her head a little as she thought of them, she missed them, but now they were pretty far away from where she used to live. They were her best friends, the only ones who treated her the way she wanted, the ones to truly care about her unlike her parents and the other students. Making her way through the dorms, down the steps, and then out into the court yard, she found a few students sitting on the grassy ground. Smiling in hopes to make some friends Krystal walked over to a girl who was sitting near a tree. “Hi there,” Krystal said as she sat down next to her. The girl looked up and blinked.
“Hello there.” she said and placed her book down in her lap and looked over at Krystal. The girl looked around knowing she had to leave soon.

“I’m Krystal, I’m kind of new here.” she was saying sheepishly as she gave a friendly smile.

“I’m Blair, nice to meet you, Krystal. I’m sorry, but I have to go.” Blair was saying as she looked up in the sky and noticed how dark it was getting. Krystal sat there and only nodded her head. She watched Blair walk into the forest, which was very odd, thinking that she would go back to the dorms instead. For a moment Krystal thought she saw a very large coyote take her place. Krystal shook her head. It’s dark in the forest she thought and shook her head to clear it out. Krystal got up from the grassy ground and decided to head back, seeing that her first day at the school was a failure.

Walking up the stairs alone and unlocking her door she turned on the lights. Krystal reached over towards her desk, where the picture of her two best friends laid. She smiled at the frame. “I miss you guys. I promise I will visit,” Krystal whispered quietly to herself. Taking off her shoes and soon changing into her lavender night clothes, she crawled into bed. Before she closed her eyes Krystal set her alarm clock for her first day of classes and then drifted off to sleep.

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2Story thet doesnt have a title...yet ^^  Empty World's crappiest chapter! on Fri Apr 08, 2011 6:16 am


The sound of the bass was pounding in the young man's ears as he danced. The stereo system was blasting "Don't trust me" by 3oh!3, one of the more realistic theme songs for the young man. The light in the room was pulsing every time the lights changed colors, almost hypnotizing.

Soon a younger girl walked up him. Her hair a fake bleached blond and her eyes a dull gray color. Her clothes were skin tight, in a regular light they would be purple and they hugged every curve of her body perfectly, the shirt had a plunging neckline and the shorts were only about one forth down her thigh. "Hey babe." The girl laughed as she walked up to the young man and kissed him on the lips. Be kissed back and for a milla second he ran his hand across her thigh. Her lips had tasted like coffee, the girls favorite lip gloss flavor. He smirked as he pulled her closer to him and she grinned. "I'ma miss you babe." She said as she kissed the side of his neck.
"I'll miss you too hon'." He said as he kissed her neck and then played with her hair.

Mitchie pulled away from Carter as a tease and pulled him into the bathroom. "My last words to you carter, screw I slut and I will come to America and kill you." She growled.
"Last time I checked I was already dating one. You do know the same thing goes for you though. You screw a whore I come here and kill him." He retorted.
"Too bad I am already dating one." She laughed as she kissed the young man one last time then pulled him back into the party.


When the light hit his eyes in the morning Carter moaned. His head was pounding as he got up, he regretted drinking so much the night before. He tried to pull the blanket over his head before his eyes groggily opened and looked at the clock: 12:54 PM. His eyes shut for a second before they shot open. /Shit!/ he thought, his flight was in six minutes.He ran out of his house with his belongings, took a taxi to the airport, got through security and all in the amazing time of four minutes. Thank god for living two minutes away. The second he could the ipod was turned on and he fell asleep, heading to America.

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Chapter 3

Krystal woke up to the sound of her morning alarm. Quickly she threw the blue colored sheets off her bed and reached over to turn off the alarm clock. She grabbed the items she needed and dismissed into the bathroom. After she was finished Krystal brushed her wavy hair and put on a deep teal shirt with burgundy red shorts. Krystal grabbed her school books, locked up her dorm, and headed out towards her first period class.

The hall ways were a swarm of students trying to get to and from classes. Krystal made her way down the busy hallway trying to look at her paper with her list of classes and room numbers. Trying not to get bumped into she looked at the creepy room number sighs until she found her first period class, 124. As she entered the room Krystal readjusted her book bag and walked towards the back of the class room, hoping no one would notice her. But her luck ran out when the teacher entered the classroom and stared at her. He didn’t look like a teacher at all, he was too swift, well-built, and stunning, and this couldn’t have been a teacher. He looked in his early twenties, maybe late teens. As the students started to fill the seats the teacher came forward in the center of the classroom.” Class it seems we have a new student. Miss. would you come up to the front of the class room.” he asked Krystal sweetly and held a hand out as a gesture for her to come up. Krystal held onto her desk a little tightly, it was as if he was commanding her to come by force even when she didn’t want to. Well he was a teacher after all. At last she gave in with a heavy sigh and walked towards the front of the class room. Krystal had been dragging this all morning about introductions in front of the classroom about being the new student. While she was standing up there in front of the class room she noticed Blair, the girl who she tried to miserably become friends with, but ended up failing. Blair raised a hand and waved quickly at Krystal. Or maybe not, must of done something right Krystal thought as she smiled back.
“Hi there, my name is Krystal Stacey. I transferred from Scottford High School,” she told the class. Some looked up at her interested while other had their head down acting bored or not giving a care in the world.
“Very nice Miss. Stacey, you may sit back down in your seat,” he said as he watched Krystal sit back down in her seat. ”You may refer to me as Mr. Blanche, your history teacher,” A wicked smile grew on his face, but then it was quickly dismissed as he turned around and pulled down a map on the board. Mr. Blanche started to write notes on the chalkboard about the era of the nineteen twenties soon after.

History felt like it was never going to end. It kept going on and on, but at least the teacher was good looking. The bell rang saying that first period was over. Once again Krystal had to go out into the swarm of students to get to her next class. Looking down at her crumbled piece of paper, she headed towards the next classroom, which was room 35. Room 35 that must be half way across the school, Krystal thought as she broke into a dash to find the room. As she ran with books in hand and paper in other, Krystal could see the room numbers decreasing until she stood in front of room 35. Krystal was breathing heavily as she walked into the classroom and noticed all the other students were already seated. The teacher looked like she was in her early forties with dark hair and dark colored eyes. She stared at Krystal who didn’t look anywhere near happy at her for being late. Krystal walked towards her and bowed politely. ”Ah! I’m sorry I got lost. I’m the new transfer student, Krystal Stacey,” she said as she felt her cheeks glow from embarrassment. The teacher’s dark features started to fade along with her cold stare.
“Very well Miss. Stacey, you may sit,” She told Krystal as she watched her pick a seat in the middle aisle. “Now Miss. I‘m your English teacher, Mrs. Reed.” Mrs. Reed walked towards Krystal’s desk and handed her a book.” We will be starting Macbeth tomorrow.” She walked back towards her desk to start her lecture. Krystal gave a fake smile towards Mrs. Reed along with a quick nod.
Great more Shakespeare Krystal thought as she set the book in her book bag.

Chemistry was only down the hall way and the teacher was very nice. Miss. Lilith was a chatter mouth and everything she said seemed to flow right along though. Although the lab partners would change from day to day, so every day she would have someone new to work with.
By that time it was ready for lunch when the forth bell rang that day. Krystal made her way into the lunch room and held her lunch bag tightly. From the distance she saw a hand waving towards her. At first Krystal thought they meant someone else until she stupidly pointed to herself and the guy nodded his head at her. A smile formed on her face as she walked towards the table and sat down with the group of guys.
“What’s your name?” the guy closest to Krystal asked as he scooted over so she could sit down. He had short dark brown hair and hazel colored eyes that were looking at Krystal.
“I’m Krystal.” She smiled sweetly at him and the other guys. Krystal nervously held onto her lunch bag as the guys looked at her.
“Nice to meet you. I’m Claude and this is Seff and Patch,” the blonde muscular known as Claude was saying as he pointed to a tan colored guy with long red and black hair. He also had a few piecing on his face. Seff’s deep blue eyes looked hungry, but not for food though. Patch had dark medium hair with streaks of bleach blonde in it. His eyes were a soft chestnut, but they seemed hidden, something deep and dark in them.

Krystal smiled at the guys sweetly.” Well it was nice to meet everyone," she was saying as she took out her apple and started to munch on it. From the back of her head, Krystal could just feel the death glares everyone was giving them. Krystal stole a glance and saw that the guys were staring at the guys at her lunch table while the girls looked at her with a mix of hate and envy. Krystal gave an annoyed sigh. It's just like my last high school Krystal thought s she ate her apple closely. Lunch went by well as long as she could ignore the stares from people. At this point Krystal wished her two best friends came to school with her. It was hard enough that her parents made her get up and leave ever since they found out. Sinking into her chair Krystal ate the rest of her lunch, waved bye to the boys, and then headed to P.E. class.
For gym class, students were required to wear assigned shorts along with a shirt. Before class started Krystal was told to run a mile to see which level of gym she would be taking. Well this is new, never though gym had different levels. Krystal thought to herself as she was running her mile for class. Eight minutes later Krystal was finishing up her mile. She stood there breathing hard as her hands were resting on her knees.
"Well done Miss. Stacey you made it into the advance class. I will give you your uniform tomorrow." the slim, but well-built teacher was saying to her as Krystal as getting her breath back. Krystal gave a nod to Mr. Chaska as she stood up straight. She looked towards the other students who were going in to change back into their regular clothes for next bell.

Krystal walked to her next bell. This day is so long; at least it’s almost over,she thought to herself as she held her trigonometry book in her arms. She found the class room with no problem at all. The room was the first one of the day to look somewhat normal. Krystal picked a seat in the middle and was thankful there were no assigned seats in this classroom. The teacher soon walked into the classroom. She was tall and kind of skinny looking. Her hair was light amber that was tied up into a bun. Her face was stunning as the boys that were already in the classroom where starring at her. It didn’t help the fact that she looked fairly young either. A smile grew on her face as she looked towards Krystal. At that split second Krystal caught a glimpse of something in her face that bothered Krystal. It looked between a mix of spite and plan malevolent. "Alright class," she was saying as she saw the class room starting to fill up with students. Most of the students looked worn out as they entered her class, it was strange. Krystal looked towards the front of the room to listen to the teacher again." It seems we have a new student. Miss. Stacey you can remain seated for now. I am your trigonometry teacher, Miss. Recluse," She was saying as she walked down the aisle way of the rows, nearing Krystal's desk. Miss. Recluse took off her glasses and observed Krystal. "Seems like you’re a bight girl to be in an advance class like this," She turned around and headed back towards her desk. There was something off about this teacher that Krystal couldn’t quite point out, but danger was written all over her. Krystal gave a quick nod as Miss. Recluse turned around and started to place some problems on the board.

Krystal quickly ran out of the classroom as soon as the bell rang. One more to go, she thought as she headed to her art class. The atmosphere from the last class seemed dull as if the very life of the students were getting sucked out. Even Krystal felt a little dizzy, must have been the lesson that was boring or the fact that the guys couldn’t take their eyes off of the teacher. She wasn’t wearing what you would call the teacher code of conduct clothing, but still. Krystal found the art room which was located on the bottom floor. It seemed she was a bit late as she walked in and saw a student in the middle of the room posing as a model. Krystal sheepishly walked in and set her book bag down and sat on a stool. She gave a friendly wave to the teacher who was also busy drawing the student who was modeling. He looked up at her as Krystal walked in. "Ah, Miss. Stacey nice of you to find my classroom," he smiled as he got up and set his pencil and pad paper down. He walked behind his desk and picked up a new drawing pad and a pencil for Krystal. He handed them to her. "Here is your drawing material. I am your art teacher Mr. Feral," he said as he sat her things down on her desk. He walked back towards his desk and sat down and started drawing without saying another word to Krystal. She looked around and noticed all the students were busy drawing the model as well. Krystal was impressed and couldn’t believe how focused everyone was as they drew. Picking up her pencil and paper, Krystal started to draw as well. Krystal was an excellent artist and did a fine job as she was finished drawing the model in broad detail. She then smiled at the finished picture that was in black and white with shades of grey. The girl in the picture looked relax and graceful. Krystal placed the notepad away and heard the last ring of the bell. A flood of students washed out of the school as soon as it was over. Well my first day wasn’t too bad, Krystal thought as she headed back to her dorm to get her homework done.

side notes on who is what. First off office ladies are witches.
Mr. Blanche: Vampire
Mrs. Reed: Gifted human
Miss. Lilith: Faerie/ or Fae
Mr. Chaska : Werewolf
Miss. Recluse : Spider lady
Mr. Feral: Gifted human

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4Story thet doesnt have a title...yet ^^  Empty The long delayed chapter! on Sun May 22, 2011 5:44 pm


Getting through the city wasn't a extremely difficult task for Carter. His plane touched down in New york city the night before and he and his godfather Quincy were driving to the small school about fifty miles west of Boston, Massachusetts. The earthy autumn landscape passed in a blur, carter not paying much attention. Carter, still slightly hungover from the party two nights prior was now day dreaming as he looked out the window, memories he had long pushed out filling his head.
Exactly twelve years before this date it happened. The five year old Carter was sleeping over at one of his friend's house, as he thought about it then friends were Branden and Clark. He was there for several hours, excited considering how his mother had watched over him like a hawk, her one and only child. Soon though, Carter missed her, fore he was so used to her presence at night, and he convinced the eighteen year older sibling of his best friends to drive him home. The car ride home was a blur into they got to that house though because as that moment it would be burned into his memory for years. There were police cars surrounding the house, Carter jumped out of the car. "Get back here Carter!" The older sister screamed at the top of her lungs, trying to grab the small child as he wove through police men and into the house.

The door was unlocked and he opened it, have no idea about the man with the gun inside his house. "Mommy!" He screamed, no answer. "Mommy!" He called again, tears falling down his face. He rushed into her bedroom and he found her. "Mommy?" He asked her much quieter now. He walked over and curled up next to her, she was cold and wet, Carter cuddled up next to her and rested his head on her chest, then he realized something, the steady thumping of his mother's heartbeat was no longer there. "Mommy?" He asked as he cried harder and harder until he fell asleep. He woke up later a click and he tensed. "Daddy?" Carter asked as he looked up to see his father holding a gun to his head. "Sorry Junior, I cant let you tell anyone."

His father pulled the trigger.

Carter shot up the second the trigger was pulled in his nightmare. The beginning of the dream had been true, his mother had been murdered when he was five years of age and he had no idea who did it, it had baffled police too. "Are you okay Mr. Peeler?" Quincy asked, addressing his godson.

"Yes, I'm perfectly fine Quincy." Carter replied as he nervously tugged as one of his new gauges. Carter, though he had never really been sure of who was the murderer of his mother was, he was sure it was his father. His father had been having an affair with a woman for years and it seemed like a well formed suspicion considering how violent his father was.

"Very well then. We shall be arriving at the school in fifteen minutes." Quincy said, looking at the road. Darkened Rose academy seemed like a foreign place to him, even more foreign then someone from England moving to the united states which he had but this seemed even worse.

Darkened Rose Academy, you have got to be kidding me. He once thought, wanting to vomit at the thought of it. The name was girly as fuck and he almost knew considering how cheesy the name was he was once again going to a prep school. Carter /knew/ why his father sent him here, it was a gift school for freaks and his father wanted him to 'progress' on his powers. Soon enough the limo pulled up at the school and he sighed. "Good bye Quincy." Carter said softly to his godfather who only grunted, Quincy had never been good at speaking either, and gave him a rough embrace as he grabbed his bags full of new clothes and walked into the school grounds.

The school itself seemed to come out of a story book. It was an old stone church from the Gothic revival era, a cross high at the top of the front of the school. He saw a sign directed to the main office and he followed it through a short tunnel and he soon found himself in the office. The office reaked of the perfume of old women and stale coffee. He coughed violently as the weird smell of the office penetrated his nose, when he was finished with his coughing fit he found three old ladies staring at him. "Um hi." He managed to say with the faux smile on his face as he went to the desk. "I'm Carter Peeler, the transfer student from London." Carter said still smiling. "Oh yes, Mr. Peeler. Class starts in fifteen minutes, here is your schedule and dorm key-" She handed him a dorm room key "- dorm number 427. You share it with another new student, her name is Krystal Stacey." She said smiling at him. Carter nodded, knowing there was no way on god's green earth he would be able to get to his class on time. Then he realized he was going to be sharing a room with a female. /Maybe if I'm lucky she will be gay/ he thought as he went to his dorm, unlocked the door and walked in to find no one there.

Then it hit him... He was free. No more his father checking on his every few seconds, no more his father beating him, no more of the preppy asswipes he called his friends. He was free. He grinned as he layed down on his bed, the one missing linens, and chuckled. This, was going to be awesome.

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Krystal woke up to the sound of her morning alarm it was only her second day here at Darkened Rose Academy and it seemed to be going well for the most part. After Krystal fixed herself up for school and had on a nice outfit she sat on her bed. It was already folded up nicely and she still had a good twenty minutes to spare. Krystal drew her legs towards her body and held them closer as she looked around her room. It was fairly large, kind of what she expected from her parents since they had more money than to know what to do with. She glanced over at her desk filled with pictures of her friends and the gems that laid there. Carefully she picked it up and smiled slowly at the picture with her two best friends standing next to her. Krystal missed them both dearly and it hurt to be so far away from them. Sam and Danny were like her older brothers. Neither one of them came from a rich family like Krystal, but they didn’t treat her differently and she liked that. Sam was a bit rough around the edges and had scared a lot of people. Although a lot of the girls bad home liked his darker side and thought he was the best. But she knew the real reason he was like that, his home life wasn’t the best. Danny on the other hand was middle class and very, very smart. He is even two years younger than Krystal and happened to be in the grade as she though. Danny is more of a sweetheart and doesn’t really like to do anything other than his studies. Krystal placed the picture down and picked up a few of her gems laying there. I miss times like these, she thought as she placed it back down on her dresser. Even though Krystal was filthy rich, it was still fun to be thief. Not the kind that steals from friends or neighbor, more so of the kind that goes after valuable jewels or artifacts in museums. A sly grin grew on her face as Krystal started to get up. Picking up her back pack and doing a quick check on the picked up room, Krystal headed out of her dorm for class. Even though Krystal had a room to herself, she kept it clean just in case someone was to dorm with her. Although, she hoped no one would though, it was better having a room to herself.

Krystal started to head towards her first bell class as she walked through the doors of the Gothic-style school. It amazed her how the outside looked so ancient and yet the inside looked modern. She headed down the hall way towards her history class. They were learning about the era of the Great Depression, it wasn’t what she wanted to learn first thing in the morning anyways. Krystal took her seat in the back of the class room and set her back pack down on the floor. Mr. Blanche kept looking out into the hall way as if he was looking for someone. After about ten minutes Mr. Blanche gave up and started the lecture on the nineteen-thirties. Krystal looked up at the opened door and then glanced back down at her paper to start writing notes.

For once Krystal was able to make it to English without the teacher giving her a death glare for being late. She breathed heavily as she took a seat in the middle of the aisle way. As Krystal sat down Mrs. Reed started to go on about Act 1 of Macbeth. Krystal followed along in the book, but she started to get this weird feeling as if someone was standing over her. Pulling her eyes casually away from Shakespeare, Krystal took a quick glance behind her and saw everyone was looking down at their books. She looked back at Macbeth and shook the feeling off.
The next bell rang and it was time for third period. Krystal hastily grabbed her back pack and headed to Chemistry class. Miss. Lilith, the lively teacher that she was, seemed extra happy as she was setting up the chemicals for lab. As the students filled up the class room, Krystal took an empty seat at a lab table since all the other ones were filled up. After sitting there at the table for so long doing nothing but being bored and counting the formulas on the board, Miss Lilith came to the center of the room. “Class, have any of you seen the new transfer student?” she asked in a very sweet voice. Immediately the whole class seemed to point at Krystal, who then straightened up thinking she did something wrong. “No. Not Miss. Stacey, another student,” She was saying as she looked around the room.” His name is Mr. Peeler; he is a transfer from England.” All the students started to talk at once about the new student. Krystal for once couldn’t believe how happy she felt to not be the new student anymore, a smile grew on her face then. Miss. Lilith returned to her desk with a heavy sigh as she put her glasses down. ”Miss. Stacey you may sit at another lab table since he are short a student.” She said as Krystal moved over to the next table. Krystal gave a welcoming smile to the other students and glanced down at the lab worksheet.

The chemistry lab was interesting with the different colors and fragrances from the different chemicals. Krystal hasn’t even heard of some of the chemicals before, but then again she didn’t know all of them. As she walked towards the cafeteria, Krystal spotted the table of guys she sat with yesterday. Krystal sat down next to Claude and received friendly greetings from all of them. She nodded her head at Patch and Seff to acknowledge them. Krystal couldn’t shake off the feeling about Seff and Patch though there was something off about them as well. Now that she thought about it Krystal has never seen Seff eat or even have a lunch. Though, he did talk a fair amount while Patch would very rarely utter a word during lunch.
“Hey Krystal, nice of you to sit by us, so how was your first day at DRA?” Claude asked Krystal as he picked up the salt shaker and poured it over his fries.
“I guess alright. It’s all so new and I kind of miss my old friends,” Krystal was saying as she pulled out her lunch slowly and started to eat quietly.
“We can be your new friends, heck I thought we already were,” Seff flashed Krystal a grin as his arms were resting on the table.
“Thanks guys,” at that moment someone reached over to give Claude a kiss and sat down on the other side of him.
“Hey Krystal, that’s your name right?” the girl asked. Krystal smiled and nodded her head.
“Hey Blair, good to see you again,” Krystal said to her as she smiled a little at Blair.
“It seems half the population either hates you or is head over heels for you.” Blair let out a laugh while Krystal looked at her nervously. ”I haven’t seen the other students like that in a long time.” Blair picked up her hamburger and started to eat it while Krystal only sighed at this.
“Ah, don’t worry after a week or two it will die down, I hope” Seff was reassuring Krystal as he scratched his chin.
“Would you two stop scaring her.” Claude was looking at his two friends making sure they would stop. Once they reached eye contact they nodded at him. He looked back towards Krystal.” Don’t worry you will be fine.”
“I would watch your back though,” Blair told her seriously and then she received a wake in the back of her head by her boyfriend. ”Ouch! What you do that for Claude!” Blair rubbed her head as she shot Claude a stare. ”It’s true though,” she said in defense of herself. After that no one said a word. Krystal looked at them, she felt a little worry, but she hoped no one caught it in her eyes as she went to throw her bag away. She came back with a smile on her face then.
“Well thank you guys.” Krystal told them as she gave a small giggle. Then everyone else joined in except Patch who watched Krystal closely.

The girls changing room was crowded with females changing into their gym uniform for class. As Krystal grabbed her uniform from her locker, a chill ran down her spine. Her eyes got wide and Krystal did a quick look around to see if anyone noticed that her temperature dropping. Not again, she sighed as she placed her uniform back into her locker and walked towards her gym coach. She stood in front of Mr. Chaska and told him she wasn’t feeling to well and wanted to go to the nurse.
“Yeah that’s fine Krystal,” Mr. Chaska was saying as he could feel the coldness coming from her. He watched Krystal run off into the building looked once more with a worried glance.

Krystal walked through the building and out another door that led to the back of the school. She looked around quickly and saw no one was around. The lake she was looking for was just up ahead and Krystal had to get there fast. Breaking into a dash Krystal could feel her temperature dropping rapidly. She needed to get to the lake before a disaster could break out. As she ran Krystal managed to stumble onto the ground, but at least she made it to the water edge. Placing her hands into the water, Krystal could see the lake freezing into a block of solid ice. Her breath started to return back to normal as she released her ice into the water. She made it on time and if a second more, half of the forest would have been a frozen waste land. Once Krystal releases all the excessed ice she removed her hands from the water. Her power was beyond her control and every so often it would build up inside of her. Krystal wiped her wet hands on her shirt and decided to head back to her dorm instead letting herself rest up.

A while later Krystal reached the edge of the forest she stayed alert for anyone else. No one seemed to be in sight and Krystal hasty made her way towards her dorm. Once she made it she took out her keys, but then stopped. Closing her eyes briefly Krystal could pick up a noise from inside. Taking a deep breath a frozen dagger started to contract from her hand. Opening the dorm Krystal held her dagger close to her and spotted a young man inside of her dorm. ”What the hell?” she asked as she saw the male in her room.

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6Story thet doesnt have a title...yet ^^  Empty first paragraph! on Sat Jul 02, 2011 10:03 pm


Carter stopped playing on his DS lite when he heard the girl come in. Five hours into playing Pokemon diamond he had beaten atleast three of it's damn gym leaders. "Um... Hi..." Carter said, standing up and leaving the black DS on the bed. "Um... are you Krystal. I'm your roommate.. Carter." Carter said, looking down then looking up at Krystal. His British accent was thick in his voice and you could tell that he was the British exchange student that had ditched his classes. He pulled nervously at one of his gages and sat back down on his bed. "I didn't touch any of your crap." He then said.

"Who are you and what are you doing in my dorm." The white haired female growled, with a venomous expression on her face and her icy weapon raised, poised to attack the young male. "This is my dorm too miss Stacy. I'm Carter Peeler, your roommate..." Carter said quietly as he took out his shinny student ID, schedule (showing all the classes he missed), and his dormroom keys on a black and white key chain then threw them carefully onto the light brown oak table that was fairly close to his roommate and then going back to his DS. Out of the corner of his eye he could see his roommate melt her weapon, shake her head, then sit on her bed, taking out her books. "Krystal." The girl said. "Well nice to meet you Krystal." Carter said with a smirk on his face as he examined the female out of the corner of his hazel eyes. He then decided, to give the girl a hard time, he put in his earbuds, humming quietly to Million Dollar Houses (The painter) by pierce the veil. Finally at his favorite part he sand softly. "'Cause times like this run off my wrists, she hates all the guts and blood..." He sand quietly, not really noticing the sounds that came forth from his lips.

After a while of singing songs softly underneath his breath, he saw a great deal of irritation on the girl's face. "You okay? I'm not annoying you am I?" Carter snickered under his breath and blew his hair out of his face smiling softly. "So what teachers do you have? If I have any classes with you I should get started on some homework now. That way they won't be as pissed that I ditched." Carter sighed as he sat up on his creaky bed and looked around the room that looked as if someone shoved mint ice cream down their throat and vomited it up on the walls... it would explain how the room smelled. Carter smirked though as he saw his roommates schedule lying on the table in the middle of the living room. "Yonk!" Carter said grabbing her schedule and his own as he dashed into the bathroom and locked the door as he looked at the schedule. It looked like they had all the same classes except at different times. "Awesome." He chuckled as he walked back out of the bathroom and handed her the schedule. Carter stole one of her textbooks, Pre-calc, and saw that night's problems. "You don't mind if I borrow this, do you?" Carter chuckled as he got out a notebook and started copying out the papers.

Krystal looked like she was going to murder him though.

The math was easy for Carter, and it wasn't too many problems. Within an hour he was done and he then stole Krystal's government text book and started taking Cornell notes for the surprise test he guessed that would be the next day. "When you need to, you can copy off my homework for a month." Carter said as he borrowed Krystal's vocabulary list and then handed it back to her, writing down his own definitions for the words then looking back at the girl. "Thank you... even though I didn't really ask if I could borrow your books per say..." Carter said quietly as he handed her the books and took a sip of his coffee.

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