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Name: Dimitri Luc Deveraux
Age: 18, one of the younger wolves in the pack
Rank: Arrow, nothing fancy
Name meaning: Dimitri, descended from Demetrius (greek) meaning follower of Demeter. Luc means light. His last name most likely means place of water.
Appearance: Like his sister Dimitri has black hair and sun-kissed skin, his eyes though in human form are a dull black color. He stands tall at six feet tall and his fairly muscular. Not the most muscular person but not the weakest either. He is usually wearing clothes that a peasent would wear while his sister is dressed much better then he is. (Clothes he is wearing in picture is not what you would see him in regularly) In wolf form he is a pretty non-muscular wolf, though while he lacks muscle he had gained speed. His eyes change from black to a crystal blue color in werewolf form.
Personality: He pulls away easily from people and doesn't trust that much. If he did end up caring for someone as much as he did his sister or even more possibly he is the type of guy who would be willing to take a silver bullet for them, thought it would be lethal for him.
Bad habits: He smokes and enjoys consuming human flesh a little too much. The only human he can be around without going cannibalistic on is his "baby" sister Cara.
Orientation: Goes for either, he likes men and woman equally.
Past: Under construction
http://data.whicdn.com/images/5141521/li.....jpg?1290679129 (Human form)

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Name: Aleta Jennings

Name given when born: Benji Oliver Jennings

Age: 17

Orientation: Both, usually male though

Gender: Biologically male but she feels as if she is a female.

Style: Wears T-shirts that are too big most of the time. Her favorite shirts are as followed

Favorite quote: "Age is just a number. Gender is just a body. Sexuality is just a label. Distance is just miles. Race is just a color. Marriage is only paper. Religion is just beliefs. Looks are only seen. Love? Love is love. It is unexplainable, but when you find it. Don't take advantage of it. Cherish every moment of it."

Other: She has a slight stutter when she is nervous

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Jayken: http://www.neopets.com/~the_westerner1832

Alex: http://www.neopets.com/~Mahuni

Unieke: http://www.neopets.com/~kuki098

Clark: http://www.neopets.com/~wediditfortheglory

Branden: www.neopets.com/~shewolf1010
Their pages on neopets

Mitchie's and Clark's relationships can be switched around if needed.

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Kit-kat's charrie's ^^ 5f459ea0c9cb78990fa559e6333bcd82

Name: Kun Lin

Age: 24

Alliance: City

Species: Human

Occupation: He is a middle school history teacher

Health issues: Charcot–Marie–Tooth disease (type 2C)

Appearance: Just look at the picture for now. His voice is very hoarse though from his disease and may eventually become a mute as it progresses.

Personality: He is a generally happy man, always willing to lend a hand. He usually forgets about his physical disability although it takes up a good portion of his life. He understands he is quite different than most people because of this and he pays it no mind, he just goes on smiling. His whole family has been very supportive since he was diagnosed and they help him when he needs it. Also, he loves children.

History: Kun Lin was born October 14th, 1987 at 3:33 in the morning. He was a normal child, hitting all recommended developmental events as he was supposed to. He played sports and was on the soccer team until he was in his sophomore year before he started to focus more on schooling. He had always loved history, it was a passion of his and a goal for when he was older was to teach it to young minds. He decided, at the age of fifteen, he wanted to get a teaching credence so he could eventually teach history.

When he was seventeen, he was diagnosed with CMT disease, a condition where muscles slowly start to degenerate. The disease was asymptomatic till that age for him. While some show symptoms at other ages, he started showing it when he turned seventeen. The specific type he had also led to degeneration of the vocal cords. Dishearten, he began to think about giving up his dream, worrying as his voice grew softer and more hoarse students wouldn't be able to hear him. His family wouldn't though, made him continue the path to becoming a teacher.

After graduating from high school, he went straight to college. For years, he had classes he wanted to take all planed out for him and he was finally getting to take them. Between his medical condition slowly worsening, causing numbness in his feet and making it difficult for him to walk, he continued, not going to freely give up on his dream. Finally, in the spring of the year he turned twenty-two, he graduated with a teaching credential and was finally able to become a teacher.

After finishing college, his journey was about to get harder. He got a job quickly, yes but the state of his voice was failing. He talked to the school and they allowed him to bring a microphone for use in the class. For a while the children thought it was weird, but eventually they grew used it it and grew to like Kun as a teacher, as strange as he was with his jokes and smiles. Ever since then, his life has stayed simple like this so far.

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Kit-kat's charrie's ^^ 600full-kiowa-gordon
Name: Chayton Illinois Rukin
Alias: Illinois. He hates his first name.
Age: 16
Height: 6'0
Weight: 145 pounds
Interests: The Lion king, happy music, telling stories, singing, looking at art.
Dislikes: death in general, his birthday, and New York
Powers/ Abilities: Illinois has a weak Necromancy ability. As a fact, most necromancers have control of reanimation and the ability to see ghosts. Illinois is only half necromancer, as he obtained his powers from his father's side of the family. He can only do half of what a normal necromancer can do, which is see spirits. He has to deal with them and their chaotic voices twisting constantly in his mind. He can force his sight on others though, for a weak thirty seconds of silence. This ability does attract more ghosts, giving him more of a headache afterwards.
Sexual preference: Bisexual, favors woman more.
Other: He is half English and Half Sioux Indian

Personality: : One of the best ways to describe Illinois is that he is a wallflower with a known wild streak. He observes and takes everything in, but when he snaps, he takes no precautions at all. Responsibility has always been a problem for the young man and he tends to take responsibility for everything, whether it was his own fault. His wild streak from when he grows angry will be the death of him eternally.

It does not take very much to make Illinois feel guilt and he tends to be very emotional, as the ghosts tear away his sanity bit by bit. While it doesn't take much to make him shed a tear, it does not take very much to make him smile either. Illinois' decisions are formed by logic, rarely letting emotions into although as his sanity slips away so does his logic and emotions will begin to take over more.

He is terrified of death, ever since he figured out that his imagery friends were not so imaginary and the loss of his father has terrified him. He doesn't want to loose anyone more than he has to, although he is no psychic and can't prevent any of it.

History: Chayton Illinois Rukin was brought into the world on September 11th, 1996 to Kimimela and Allistar Rukin in Ravinia, South Dakota. His father was a well known lawyer in the parts and worked hard for his family while his mother worked as a seamstress and a story teller. He grew up speaking the language of his people and English, a well balanced mix for him and his family. They had a happy little life, a nice house with a yard, and a playfully puppy. A perfect life as it seemed. The Rukins went out to dinner, played together, and they all took a miniature vacation when Allistar had to go on a business trip. He also had imaginary friends to play with him all the time he desired.
September 8th wasn’t any different. A business trip to New York turned vacation for Chayton’s fifth birthday. Everything went without a hitch, and on the day of Chayton’s birthday, the family planned to go see the Lion King on Broadway. He bounced around the hotel that day, still amazed by the sight of the twin towers in the distant. He would laugh as he listened to the happy music on the radio and stared up into the big shinny building where his daddy was working that early morning. At 8:46 though, smiles disappeared from his face as he saw two planes crash into the building. All he remembers of that day were two things: screaming mommy as loud as he could have and the thoughts of if daddy had not gone into work so early that day so they could go to the play… maybe he wouldn’t have been hurt. Allistar Rukin didn’t come out of the buildings, being not far from the site of impact. He was twenty nine years old.
Now, the recently widowed Kimimela and Chayton returned to their home in South Dakota. Although Chayton did have a new imaginary one: that of his father. He looked like all the other ones, dead in some form or another. Tommy was always dripping wet, as he had drowned. Lucy’s wrist was always bleeding, and a good portion of his daddy’s face was missing. He didn’t care though; he had at least in his “imagination”. His father always watched over his mother with a sad yet calm smile on his face. He also slowly taught his son life lessons, although it didn’t take long for Illinois to realize his imaginary friends were all once living.
His mental state deteriorated over the years, by the age of fourteen being placed in a mental hospital. As he was trying to tell others about the ghosts in his vision, they put him on more and more medications until he stopped telling them about them. It took a while, but he was eventually released. His mother had found out something about Chayton’s father though in his time at the hospital: that the man suffered from the same delusions as her child now had. Her people though viewed this as a gift, and she sent him to Phoenix academy for a chance at something new.

Audition: A group of people were staring at him, peering into him with their inquisitive eyes. A gifted, that’s what he thought he was, at least in the semi-decent sanity of his own mind. I mean, these ghosts that he saw, he could ID them and prove that they had once been alive. Most likely could solve a lot of murder cases too, at least… when he wasn’t getting sent back to the mental ward for the umpteenth time. He could be a detective if he wanted, but no. He was here, standing in front of a group of inquisitive eyes.
One of the basic principles of logic is that everything requires a plan. Everything does, at least if it is going to even have a change of going correctly, which must adhere to another plan, which fits within another plan…. It was repetitive and could hurt your mind to think about. As usual, his mind rambled on going through this. Spot light on mister wallflower: he was just standing there like an idiot before blinking sharply. Damm him and his one track brain. He blinked sharply and remembered the plan.
“Today Mister Rukin, unless you are not to be here in the first place or your so called power is to attempt to bore us to death.” The man in the middle said, tapping his pencil on the desk with a dull expression on his face. It seemed he had one too many poor auditions before this. Well, the time was now. He would prove to his mother he wasn’t crazy. To prove all those years in Hartgrove hospital in vain, and that he truly didn’t need to be surrounded by those other insane people. He would prove it if it killed him.
His power was simple enough. He took a deep breath a opened his eyes. The man in the middle’s pupils covered his iris, giving his eyes look black. He saw his little boy in the corner, who had died a decade before due to an accident with his own powers at a young age. “Daddy?” The boy said softly, walking closer to the man in the middle. Slowly, the ghost boy took his father’s hand. The man looked like he was going to cry. “Don’t cry daddy. I’ve always been here.” He said softly as the child’s form faded away. “His name was Thomas, wasn’t it? It went by Tommy and died in an accident. Trapped himself in a block of ice in a lake and drowned.” Illinois said softly as he rubbed his temples.
The man was quiet and shook a little bit. He told no one about his son at his work, no one knew him nor how he died. “Chayton Illinois Rukin… you’re accepted.” He said softly, hand shaking as he held up a black ribbon towards Illinois.

On chatbox: Brittney

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[center]Kit-kat's charrie's ^^ Boy-brown-hair-guy-hot-liam-payne-Favim.com-271701_large

Name:Benjamin Cedric Gauge
Age: 27, appears about 22
Species: Vampire
Nicknames: Bennie
Orientation: Straight
Family: Anabell Gauge
In love with:Ana on the boards. Will never willingly admit it though.
Single on the chatbox.
Appearance: Well, let's starts with the basics shall we? Benjamin weighs about one hundred and fifty pounds, a slight bit over weight. His skin is pretty tan, although had he still be human it would be more so. His eyes are brown and lively, light filling them. His hair sometimes covers them, although he really doesn't care.

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Kit-kat's charrie's ^^ See_My_Soul_by_xxchange
Name: Dalya Ilene Liv

Age: 17 in human years

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Species: Gifted human. She has less than a drop of Fire fae blood in her, which creates her powers.

Gift description: Dalya has a rare yet weak gift that allows her to regulate her body temperature not based on the environment. She can hear herself up or make herself colder , depending on how she feels. Secretly, she is fonder of the cold and colder environments, although she has to have a higher body temperature in those areas so she can survive. This ability is for survival and is not useful in combat. At the moment, Lucian is the only one alive who knows about her gift. Technically, she can make her body get as hot or as cold as she wants, although extreme temperatures will still kill her the same. So while she can't get a 110 degree fever and cook alive, if she makes her body temp that high she can die just the sa,e

From: A small, now wiped out Village, in Revela

Current residence:Deloz; Currently staying at Lucian's residence

Love interest: Lucian; She does use a fair amount of restraint with him considering he freezes her skin and she burns his.

Family: All are dead, but here are their names in further case they come back. Kegan Vulcan Liv is the name of her father. He was a kind and warm-hearted man, whose family can be traced back to some fire fae thousands of years back. Only a small bit of fire fae are in their blood, creating the powers in the family. Her father had a gift similar to Dayla, although he was immune to being burned with fire as she is not.

Her mother's name was Niamh Evin Liv. Married at a young age out of innocence, she always had big glassy eyes and a fiery attitude. She was the more independent of her parents, Kegan often clinging to her for support when he was ready to break. Through her, Dayla gained a fighting spirit, much quieter than her mother's. She had no powers to speak of, although she did have many gifted and fae friends.


Enemies: Really any enemy of Lucian since she is terrified of him getting hurt.

Appearance: Short at five foot one, Dayla has a slim yet graceful build. Her skin is a natural tan color, even in a colder, less sunny environment. Her blonde hair has a layered cut and reaches down to her mid-back and is usually tied back or in a braid while she keeps her bangs out of her face. Her eyes are a woodsy green color, going nicely against her skin. She has a single tattoo on herself, that of a snowflake, showing that she's Lucian's "pet" of sorts. The tattoo is degrading to her while she enjoys being Lucian's, not as a pet.

Her clothing she wears is simple, yet elegant. She prefers clothing with rich colors such as browns and golds. Usually, her clothing has long sleeves and a modestly short skirt that goes to her knees. While being at Lucian's, she usually is barefoot. The coolness of the house does not bother her, the main reason for wearing the long sleeves is to hide the tattoo. When out of the house, usually with Lucian as his "Prize" (and is yanked around like a small dog), she wears flats that are a darker brown color. For Jewelry, she has some Onyx earrings her father gave her when she turned fourteen and sometimes wears a necklace Lucian had gotten her while he was out.

Likes: Sun, Nature, her greenhouse, Fruit, Veggies, Hot mint tea, White Russians, Snow, Flaming Doctor Pepper, her old Village.

Dislikes: Deloz in General, having to act like a pet, being alone, nightmares of the village being raided.

Personality: Dayla's personality most closely matches that of The Nurturer. She's very dependable and values security greatly. She tends to observe things, never really commenting and taking in information while having an amazing memory. She tends to always have a more positive view on people unless she is severely proven wrong, Luc is an example of this. She didn't think of him owning her as negative, she took it as he cared about her so he's keeping her in a stable environment, rather than letting her live in the chaotic hell of the human Deloz cities. (Please note, this is an example. Other people would have different explanations). She is quiet as an observer though, although she cannot stand it if someone attempts to hurt Lucian, that's when her (dull) claws tend to come out.

Dayla does tend to not show her emotions to any stranger. She's only really ever showed it to family or friends, so really only Lucian has seen any emotion from her recently. Because of her more secluded life-style, she tends to worry about him more than a normal person should. She also tends to get bent out of shape from little things of criticism, joking or not. She tends to take things seriously, even with her positive light on everything. She also is hard to get Cranky, even when she's on her fun monthly thing or up all night from night terrors she frequently gets during the middle of the night.

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